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The Cult Anthology 1985-1995

Pure Cult DVD

Pure Cult DVD
Anthology 1984-1995

Beggars Banquet, 2001

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An amazing video collection for any fan, covering all eras from Dreamtime through The Cult.

This DVD includes an early TV appearance with "Spiritwalker", live performances of "Go West", "In the Clouds" and "Sun King", plus music videos from "Resurrection Joe" through "Coming Down", including the updated "She Sells Sanctuary MCMXCIII".

Additional material includes 1986 and 1991 interviews, video introductions by Ian and Billy, the electronic press kit (EPK) for The Cult, and lots more!

"There was no doubt that... the Cult would return, stronger than ever... The reformed, re-energised band hit the road for a USA tour in late 1999 and, with plans for a new album, the insurrection continues. These days it just takes longer for the fiery feuds between Duffy and Astbury to cool. That's love power, baby."

-- Dominic Wills, from the Pure Cult liner notes




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