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Online chat with Ian and Matt - June 13, 2001 on USAToday.com

USATODAY.com Host: We're here with Ian. Let's go.

Charlotte,NC: What is your feeling on the recently released Cult tribute album?

The Cult: Haven't heard it.

Amstelveen, the Netherlands: Ian, what kind of meditation do you practice?

The Cult: Just breathing meditations.

St. Petersburg, Fl: Whats up with the skirts????? I want to see the tight leather pants again!!!!!!!!!!

The Cult: Then you'd have to go back in your time capsule to 1989!

Jackson, MS: What genre of music would you classify the Cult's music?

The Cult: It's got guitars and it's loud, so it's obvously rock music, although that's a broad spectrum. We're a classic rock band. We've been dubbed as thinking man's rock music.

Worland, WY: Will you be making a videos for Beyond Good & Evil, to be released on VHS or DVD?

The Cult: WE've finished the video for Rise, which, knowing the nature of the industry, will probably be made commercial at some point. Maybe as time goes on we'll do a special film/video as well.

pendleton Or.: Brutal tour schedule, what are you going to do w/ all your spare time, and how is the band getting along after such a long break. mike d.

The Cult: We're getting along fine! This is a brutal tour schedule, but right now a lot of people want to see us play.

Greenbrier, AR: You've done 2 songs about stars of the Andy Warhol camp (Edie Sedgwick and Nico). Were they influences of yours?

The Cult: Not for obvious reasons. I felt parallels between Edie's character and myself. The Nico song is more complex. Nico is one part Nico, one part my girlfriend Rachel, and one part an assassin.

London, UK: Ian, the new album is fantastic, any news on a UK tour? Reading will be cool, jim.

The Cult: We're going to the UK at the end of August to do the Redding and Leeds festival. Although we've been given a miserable slot on the bill, wanting to play England outweighed our billing. The UK is in a transitional phase musically right now. The English are afraid of anything that's sexually driven in music; the prudish Englishness just shines through. The Cult's a very sensual band, and in England they throw mud at us. I think we're more in the tradition of the Stones rather than the Beatles.

East London, South Africa: Will The Cult Ever Tour South Africa???????

The Cult: We actually played there last year with Lenny Kravitz. If it looks feasible to go there then we shall. But we're basically engaged in a world tour right now. We'll see.

McLean, VA: Aside from the Tonight Show, and the upcoming spot on the Late, Late show with Craig Kilborn, are there any more TV appearances in the works? Maybe Letterman, or a music awards show or the like?

The Cult: It's very early on right now. I think it's fair testament that we got two television shows. But TV is great exposure for the band. The more we do the better.

Budapest, Hungary: Hi! I've been a huge fan since 1990. The new album is great!Are you planning a tour of Europe (including Hungary, too)? Best wishes, Szi. Szi.

The Cult: We'd love to play Budapest again. We played there in 1993 with Metallica. It's an amazing place. What I love about the Eastern European audience is seeing how they react to rock and roll for the first time; they're not as jaded as westerners are.

Niterói / Rio de Janeiro / Brazil: What is the most important message of the new CD? When will you return to Rio to play another unique, wild and unforgettable concert?

The Cult: We're going back to Rio at some point, although I can't say when. But we'll definitely be there. The main message behind the record is that the spirit will always triumph over the mind. The mind is basically just nature's computer, but the spirit is and always will be the archetypal energy that ties everything together. We're all in jail in our own minds.

pittsburgh pa: sorry to nag, but is there any chance of hearing songs played live from "the cult" or "dreamtime" now that the main tour is starting? it's great stuff too:)

The Cult: Yes, we're starting to work on some other songs right now. It's not just rehearsing and playing a song, it's playing a song with conviction. What we're doing is primal and animalistic. Some of the songs don't translate into the band's current persona. As the tour develop we'll introduce new songs. Check out our Web site, www.thecultnet.com, for tour dates.


The Cult: I have no idea how much more rare stuff there is. There's an infinite amount of live material that exists. There are many outtakes from this record, rehearsal tapes with material not owned by Beggars Banquet.

Boston, MA: First off- want to say I LOVE the new album and caught your show in Providence a couple weeks ago--It was the best concert I have been to in YEARS!!! Thank you!! You guys sound and look great!!!! Now to my question, Ian, I have read about your travelling to Cuba, I am planning to go this fall...Can you recommend places to go or "must see" sites? I also recall that you said the food was so good, you wanted to eat the plate...can you suggest some places?? Thanks :) Cant wait to see you guys in July. Katy

The Cult: The revolutionary museum in Havana. If you get on the street, look for a guy named Danny Vasquez and tell him that I sent you. He'll hook you up.

Goa, India: What surprised you the most during your stay in Nepal? I heard you were almost killed?

The Cult: That was in the Himalayas. Westerners will be so much better off when we embrace your culture. I carry so much energy from your part of the world, and it's the fuel that I fly on. I'm enamored of Indian people.

USATODAY.com Host: Ian's gone, but Matt Sorum joins us. Let's go with more questions....

San Ysidro, CA: Will you tour South America and Mexico?

The Cult: Yes. We're going to South America again (we were in Argentina and Brazil in October). We'll probably hit Mexico City.

Park Falls, WI: The New Album is indeed great. I heard you kicked around 60 songs for the final layout. Is this true? and how many songs do you normally kick around when writing? I am planning my world around saturday in Chicago, thanx Nate B

The Cult: I think there were actually 16 songs, but there were a lot of riffs. The album was broken up -- we had 60 different rift ideas, but nothing concrete.

St. Petersburg, Florida: How does it feel to be together again as a band? You sound really great. Its great to see Matt back. The CULT is BACK!!!!!!!!

The Cult: Hahaha! It's funny. It's been so long since I've played with those guys. A lot of feelings came up. Ian was upset I had left to join Guns, I'd been in a huge successful group and had to become more humble. There was work that had to be done spiritually. At the same time, we're all really excited. We've never been on a major label with a machine behind it. I hope the fans will embrace us and the record.

LA, CA: For Matt - How many DW kits do you own? The last 3 shows (Chicago House of Blues, Ventura, Ca and The Whiskey show) you used different color kits. ALSO - The last time you counted, how many snare drums do you own? Keep rocking away!

The Cult: Hahahaha! Today I have five DW kits. I'm up to about 100 snare drums. I love them and collect them. My oldest is a 1925. I've got a drum that used to be used in the 30s orchestra pits. I love them. DW's making me a new kit for the world tour. It's black with a red brushed finish. Last tour I used the sunburst kit.

Moscow, Russia: Any chance of you ever visiting Russia? You've got tons of fans here!!

The Cult: We'd love to come to Russia! We want to hit the Eastern bloc countries and were talking about Hungary,Russia, Czechoslovakia. We'll do it if we can pull it off financially.

USATODAY.com Host: Thanks so much to Ian and Matt for taking questions tonight, and to everyone who wrote in.

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